Friday, 6 September 2013

Introducing Music Video of the Week!!!

Music has always been an excellent source of inspiration, particularly if you are stuck with some problem you can’t find a workaround for, a beautiful song can give you a new idea and perspective.
Watching music videos on NTA Channel 5, BOP TV, MTV and VH1 were a great source of entertainment and I enjoyed watching videos that stepped outside of the lines and pushed the limits of music video creativity.
So on a weekly basesXplorenolIywood will be presenting music videos (videos that aren’t just about the artist but about making a distinctive video that really made you think) that are thought-provoking, clever, unique, funny and maybe bizarre.

First off,
Flavour -  "Ada, Ada"


To those creative musicians and the video directors who worked with them to make it all possible, I salute you!!! Thanks for not making just another garbage video and for taking risks.

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