Saturday, 4 January 2014

SilverBird Should Know Better…

Watching Nigerian programming is a past time I no longer enjoy (thanks to DSTV and its foreign influx! Yay!!!). If not for the sake of Xplore and the need for a relevant change in the movie industry, I wouldn’t involve myself with the film industry.
So, in a bid to find something suitable to watch, I tuned to a channel and ol’boy was I in for an awful surprise.

Channel: SilverBird Television… it’s about entertainment
Programme: E-Moda!!!
Time: 11-11.30pm
A Topshot Production

When the programme started, I wasn’t paying rapt attention, as I was doing a couple of things around but when I had the presenter, Agnes say ‘how are you’ with a heavy Yoruba ‘h factor,’ accent I knew I had to listen up. I turned up the volume and proceeded to put myself through 30minutes of obvious torture, which I hadn’t received in a while.
The programme was made up of various segments, there was an interview with a fashion designer (or better still, a tailor), there was the hair and beauty segment (where the beautician or stylist made the hair up in WAVES! Thought that style had gone with my mother’s time) and then there was the red carpet segment.
While Agnes was obviously very hyper, her style of presenting was very crude, obnoxious and downright annoying. During the interview segment with the CEO of Rik designs, Oluwarike Akintunde, Agnes kept on responding, in agreement (only Oprah does that honey and even then, it’s not nice!) she can nod and do it discreetly, without jumping down the throat of the interviewee. Her line of questioning didn’t sound like she knew a thing about fashion or what she was talking about. She asked questions along the line of “how do you combine fashion faux pax” WHAT!!! That’s clearly in a bid to sound intelligent and somewhat smart when she could just have said “what differentiates your pieces from other tailors, erm…designers.”
After watching the programme for 20minutes, I was appalled! Agnes had mannerisms, references and statements that were better suited for a local radio station and when I say local, I don’t mean Radio Lagos. Her language was unprofessional; she had the ‘h factor’ and asked every guest, “what is your most treasurable accessory, you can never do without” that’s a mouthful… All said, what went through my mind, was that SilverBird television should have known better, especially with their level of experience garnered. Yes, the programme was produced by Topshot Production and would have paid to have that placement, but come on!!!

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