Sunday, 26 July 2015


 Director- Ayobami Adegboyega
Producers- Iretioluwa Oladapo 
Writer- Iretioluwa Oladapo
Cast- Iyke Michael, Omolara Ayoola, Segun Adebayo, Akinwumi Emmanuel
Time- 1:34:54
Year- 2015
Genre- Family Drama

Twisted is a family drama production that focuses on love, lust, vengeance, bitterness and misconceptions that may occur in a relationship. Wasn't totally sure what to expect as most of the cast members were relatively unknown, but I stuck to my guns to see what the movie had to offer.

Charles and Ann are a married couple suffering a major setback we are not previewed too. As a marriage counselor, Charles believes Ann shouldn't be so hard and make harsh decisions about the situation when something horrible happens.

Charles played by Iyke Micheal who was the only recognizable face as I have seen him in a commercial or two. His character seemed to fit well with his role as one could see his frustration and annoyance; however, he's seemed to have been choked by all the gremlins that plagued the movie.

For the lead female character played by Omolara Ayoola, she seemed comfortable but docile with her role. She was assertive in some scenes and then a complete opposite in some others but for a first timer, there is high growth rate for her once she identifies acting courses that can help her. The other characters asides the lead ones, were not recognizable and had serious sentences and grammar construction problems which were appalling, it begs the question; what the casting director looking out for in a cast. 

Twisted which is the first script of Writer, Producer Iretioluwa Oladapo was lacking in depth and creativity. In one of her interviews for Punch online, Ireti said "One of the values she believes she is adding to the industry is giving actors and actresses who have not got enough space the opportunity to showcase their talents". But I fail to see how you aim to harness talent when their main tool for the trade is horribly don.  While the subject is an addition to the pool of husband and wives stories we have out there, Twisted failed to bring any creativity or an intrigue to the plot. I did not understand why the house helps role was played up? It certainly was one of those unnecessary scenes this production could have done without. 

Production gremlins were in their numbers. The production quality was very low and seemed like the movie was from the 80s, lighting was non-existent as the dark scenes were present in every other scene. 

For the director Ayobami Adegboyega who according to research is an evangelical and stage director didn't pull off any special shots to the whole production. I guess with the production gremlins, any extra thing in directing  would have been easily lost to any eye. 

On a whole, Twister could have been a deep plotted story with great dialog, visual beauty, however it leaves one with a bitter taste in the mouth on how far the industry still has to go. From Xplore, it earns a 1.5/10.

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