Friday, 20 February 2015

Meet The Cast of the Brand New Series from Nemsia Studios

Nemsia Studios a marketing agency based in Lagos, which has great interest in creating new and exciting content at international standards for the African Market, has announced the debut of Before 30. Before 30 is a drama series centered around four women living in Lagos and the pressures they face to be married before they turn 30 years old.

Meet the cast: 

Temi is a 27 year old lawyer and the only child of the Coker family. She is at a stage in her life where she does not know who she is so she makes emotional decisions. She is a risk taker and is likely to do things because they feel good at the time, and not necessarily because they are good for her in the long run. She tries daily to balance her own desire to find love with the pressure to just be married. But as a hopeless romantic with a meddlesome mother, this battle becomes harder to win everyday.

Nkem is a sexy goddess. Not because of her looks but because of a confidence and assuredness that can be seen and felt from a mile a way. The way she walks, her eyes and the way she speaks all form part of what makes her irresistible to men. She is blunt and direct but she loves her friends

Ama is a free spirit with a rosy outlook on life. She always wants to do the right thing, and tries to as long as it is within her power to do so. She is very spiritual, and is not afraid to share her faith with anyone. Ama is the youngest of the four girls and it shows in her naiveté.

Aisha being from a conservative muslim family has never really been able to choose who she wants to be. She knows who she could be without all the cultural and religious strings that restrain her. She is married to an extremely wealthy man and wants for nothing. Though she is still adjusting to the ups and downs of marriage herself, she understands her friends’ desire to be married.

Ayo is an ambitious young man and Temis high school sweetheart. He sees marriage as an unnecessary distraction at this stage in his career. Although he loves Temi, he is unable to put her needs before his ambition.

Akin is a kind hearted humanitarian. Although successful, he spends a lot of his time He doent have the best track record with relationships but he is willing to change and settle down when he meets Temi.


Sherriff is the billionaire heir to an oil and gas empire. He is married to Aisha and is a man with old fashioned Northern values, despite his western education. He is generous and extremely smart but has a sense on entitlement that comes with growing up with unfathomable wealth.

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